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Welcome to the Remote Studio!
Would you like some fiddle/violin, bouzouki, bodhran or cahon on your tracks?
You've come to the right place!

How do you get them?

First you send me a message telling me what you're after (your requirements - see below). It can be very vague ("could you add some cahon to this track") or quite specific ("In the second Chorus of my song could you do some cajan style fiddle and then a solo in the instrumental") or very specific ie some music notation! You also send me your track via the Wetransfer. (below)

Second I do my stuff and send you a mix of the track with me playing (mixed a bit loud). You have a listen and tell me if you want any revisions (one free revision). We can repeat this part if necessary!

Finally when you're happy I invoice you with a PayPal Invoice and when you've paid I send you the tracks!

Sugati Sound

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