A few sample recordings from over the years
Lamah Badah by Andy Kirkham 2015
In the Gravel Yard by The Broad Cut Drifters 2013
Vortex by Iron Sun from the upcoming RX/TX album 2013
Eye of a Wolf by Anne Clark and HerrB from Fairy Tales from the Underground 2013
To Manteio/Question Mark by Rob Carey from his new album To Manteio 2013
Downstream by Rob Carey from 'Is now a good time' 2012
North Star by Rum Kelter - from their album 'Hardley Perfect' 2012
Let's go into the Light by Piinda's Apes 2012
2007 by Richard Heath from his album 'Counter Attack' 2012
The Others by Rob Carey from the album 'Is Now a Good Time?' 2011
Purposeful aimlessness by Rob Carey 2010 from album 'All that's gone before'
Mean to me by Dave Pullen (extract) 2008
Seranade by Marcus Wortley 2010
The Truth MC from The Truth MC (Majestic Movement) 2010
Trianon by Andrew Cunningham from Equinox 2005 - cd for sale
Three men and a woman by Pinda's Apes 2010
Love I want it to be now by Rob Carey from his Hope Street album 2009
Candle in the Dark by Rob Folland 2007
A Fools Reply by Nick Branwell 2006
Indianapolis by Daniel Shore 2008
16 years later by Superstar Pelican (extract) 2003
Broadway by Dave Pullen (extract) 2008
Wish by Rob Folland (extract) 2007
O'Carolan's Welcome by Mooncoin from Janus 2007 cd for sale
The Two Magicians by Mooncoin from Janus 2008 cd for sale
Do ron ron By the Peppermint Men (extract) 2009
Walk in the Room by the Peppermint Men (extract) 2009
Feet First by Gracie and Charles Wright (extract) 2008
Zomerverdriet by Matthew Williams 2006
Syrto Kalamia (extract) 2007
Troika by Zaramo (extract) 2005
R C Academy mix by MC BadBoy B (extract) 2009
Crystal Spring by The Fields Beneath 2008
20 years ago by the Rum Brothers (extract) 2007
Kalika dance from 'The voice of the Buddha' by Tim Lissimore 2001
Follow the West Wind by Babelfish (extract) 2003
A Wasted Evening by Satyadaka 2002
Amitabha by Bodhivajra

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