Recording/mixing in the Studio
£16 per hour
£20 per hour
Mobile recording
£16 per hour plus travel costs (see below)
Time taken at £16 per hour
plus fuel costs
'In studio' musician rate - ie me playing on your recordings recorded in my studio
Additional £8 per hour (ie £12 + £8 = £20 per hour in total)
Remote Studio rate
£20 - £50 per track (up to 5 mins) - depending on content e.g. multiple tracks take longer. (Cost to be agreed between us before I start!)
Design of CDs/DVDs
£16 per hour
CD copying
£1 per CD for customer mix CDs
£2.50 per CD for on CD printing only (Inc slim case)
£3 - £4 per CD (depending on media) for finished CDs with booklet (4 page) and case
Website Design
£200 for a basic website design (please contact me for details).

£16 per hour for work after completion of site.

Sugati Sound

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