Picture of Paul Keeler
Paul Keeler is a musician as well as a recording engineer and is known for his "good ears" (they're big enough! see picture). He started Sugati Sound after many years experience as an amateur, recording himself and friends and sound engineering for local bands.

Sugati Sound has now been running for over 18 years and during this time Paul has gained a solid working knowledge of recording techniques and sound design which his customers all benefit from!

He has a real love of his trade and always does his utmost for his customers! He won't charge you if you're not happy!

He is always willing to talk to prospective clients, so give him a ring, or send him an
email if you have any questions.

As a musician he can easily be persuaded to add a bit of fiddle, percussion, bouzouki or even bass to your recordings for a small fee. (see samples)

Sugati Sound

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