Main System
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Record and mix using Logic Pro X and Apple's great collection of programmes plus a good selection of third party plug-ins from Waves, Izotope, Fabfilter, Boz, Sonalksis, Celemony (Melodyne) and others. Hardware is a high spec Macbook pro with an RME Fireface UFX audio interface. Software instruments include Trilian (bass), Superior Drummer 2 and EZDrummer (drums), Kitcore (drums) plus Apple’s own fine selection!
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Record up to 24 tracks at once in conjunction with the Presonus DigiMax FS and Focusrite Octopre Dynamic.
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Studio Electronics Gemini (dual valve)
Aston Spirit
Studio Electronics SE2200a
Sennheiser MKH40
Groove Tube GT33
Audio Technica; 4033 x 2, 3032 x 2, ATM33a x 2
Rode; NT1 x 2, NT3 x 2, NT5 x 2
Octavia MK219 x 2
CAD 179 x 2
Red5 RVD1
AKG D112
Shure; SM57, Beta57, Beta58, plus many more!
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Genelec 1029 x2 plus 1091 sub
Hifi reference – JPW Sonata
Grot box – small speaker reference
Headphones – Beyer DT150, DT100 and Studio Spares M series
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Huge number of instruments/synths from within Logic Pro X
Casio PX110 fully weighted electric piano
Korg X5DR synth module
Electric bass
Acoustic Guitar
Electric guitar
Various percussion (bodhran, darabuka, conga and shaky things of various kinds)
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Sugati Sound

The best value recording studio in Norwich